What happens if you’re a passenger in a Car Accident?

Are passengers afforded the same protections as drivers when it comes to car accidents? In many situations the answer is yes! Georgia law protects passengers in many instances

Compared to drivers, fewer passengers consider contacting their insurance companies, or a personal injury attorney, after an accident. However, you may need representation after your passenger automobile accident.

As a passenger, an insurance company might try to limit the amount in damage payout. Their best offer is rarely the first offer. Many people, passenger or not, will not try to fight the insurance companies and try to recover non-economic damage payouts. Also, as a passenger, you might need to deal with multiple insurance companies, which can turn into a headache for all involved. 

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What to know as a passenger in an automobile accident:

Georgia law sets statutes of limitations for personal injury cases. These limitations apply to anyone involved in a car accident, passenger or not. One of the benefits of having an attorney by your side is that they can investigate the accident in great detail. An investigation conducted immediately following an accident may prove to be more beneficial as facts are often misinterpreted the days and weeks following an accident. An important factor in some investigations might be ones phone records. Phone records can be highly time-sensitive. For these reasons and more, contacting an attorney quickly can be incredibly beneficial.

Passengers of a car accident are almost never at fault. It is rare for a company or court to find the passenger at fault, however there are exceptions and an experienced attorney may provide insight as to these exceptions. 

Filing an insurance claim, as either a passenger or driver, can be very complicated. Dealing with your insurance or the other parties’ insurances can be a nightmare. Having an experienced negotiator, who is knowledgeable about the variables might provide you with the best possible outcome. Passengers, like drivers, are entitled to receive both economic and non-economic damages after an accident, especially when they are not at fault. Economic damages are those with direct monetary costs. Medical bills, repairs, and other economic costs associated with an accident are considered economic damages. Non-economic damages encompass a more broad area. These can deal with the emotional and psychological trauma associated with an event like a car accident. 

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