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Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are some of the most misunderstood by those outside of the legal profession, even by those who file suits and work with personal injury lawyers. There are tons of myths that unfortunately prevent those injured from ever working with an attorney who could help their situation. 

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“I can file a personal injury case whenever.”

This is not true. Although most people are aware of the concept behind a ‘statute of limitation,’ some are unaware that that same concept applies to personal injury cases. Furthermore, in the state of Georgia, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is just 2 years. So while in a state like Florida, Utah, or Missouri you might have up to 5 years to file a case, in Georgia your timeliness is much more crucial.  

“I don’t want to file because it will last forever.”

After experiencing an injury, physical or emotional, due to an accident, the last thing a person wants to think of is being dragged into court for months, or years, on end. The fact of the matter is that this will likely not be the case for you. An ethical attorney should never tell you, or guarantee you, that they can settle your case on a specified date. There is no guarantee that a personal injury case can be settled in such a specific matter. BUT, the probability of your case ending up in a protracted legal battle is not the goal.

“I have insurance, I don’t need an attorney.”

This is the myth that might hurt you the most. For two big reasons. First, an attorney can help maximize your settlement in ways that an insurance company will not be inclined to. Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling their policyholders because their goal is to save as much as they can. The other reason is that once a settlement is reached, either through the courts or directly with an insurance company, the victim renounces their right to receive more. This little-known fact is why having an attorney by your side as soon as possible is so powerful for your case.

“I was not at fault so I will receive compensation.”

Even if you believe you were not at fault, and even if the most evident facts point to that conclusion, there are no guarantees to your case or compensation, especially without legal knowledge backing you. We highly recommend retaining an attorney for your case to guide you through the process. 

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